You must ensure personal information is collected, retained and disposed of in a secure manner. Our on-site, one-time bulk/purge service ensures you stay compliant with the handling and disposal of all sensative documents. Our shredding service is ideal for office cleanouts, business or residential move outs, purging of file boxes at storage facilities, year end purges or small residential cleanup. GREEN MACHINE SHREDDING is a FULL SERVICE mobile paper shredding company. This means your documents will be shredded "on-site" at your location plus we provide full site clean up by breaking down any unwanted boxes for disposal in your recycle bin. We can shred your documents by bankers box or by bin load (250-300lbs). Our mobile shredding trucks are equipped with closed circuit TV's that allow you to watch your documents being shredded in "real-time." Our "pierce and tear" method of shredding, uses multiple blades which both punch holes into the paper as well as ripping it into pieces. This method frays the paper fibre and reduces it to small uneven pieces. Upon completion of your service call, you will be provided with a "Certificate of Destruction." Your shredded documents are 100% recycled at Cascades Recovery. We offer an annual service reminder for those customers wishing to purge on an annual basis.


Letter/Legal Dimensions: 12"x10"x15"
Capacity: 25-35lbs



Dimensions: HxWxD: 35.25"x25"x44.5"
Capacity: 300lbs

Mobile Shredding That Is
Quick & Secure

GREEN MACHINE SHREDDING offers same day or next day purge service. Our mobile shredding trucks are equipped with state of the art technology which allows us to shred up to 6,000 pounds of paper
per hour.